August 25th, 2007


Bartender's Misc and Tonic

Help me identify an old fantasy series:Oh, wait, I just remembered the main character's name, and that found me the series: Louise Cooper's "World of Chaos and Order". I remember liking it, but I haven't read it for many years. It's apparently a much bigger series now - I read the original trilogy but there's a prequel and sequel trilogy as well. Hopefully they're good - I need to track down my copy or get a new one of at least the original.

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Can and Will Turn on Dimes

I need to get used to busses being hard to fit onto, and watching them pass by again. Today I wanted to go to the southside, but after spending a good amount of time sitting outside the Synagogue near my apartment (bus stop) and watching the 59U go by a few time, too packed to stop, I spent the day in SqHill instead. Kinda disappointing, but not a big deal - I just had sushi here instead of there. In theory, I don't need to get used to busses being hard to fit onto, but my plans for leaving town keep wavering because my thoughts on what comes next keep wavering. I shouldn't stay here, but indecision is presently deep in my bones - I sometimes feel like I don't wake up as the same person every day recently... I've just about finished rereading the Amber series at the 61c, and have been working on getting some ancient software compiled on our servers for a coworker (yay xmkmf/Imake, yay doing actual porting). It's been kinda rainy recently, and I'm feeling okay.

Maybe this is the start of a new meme - Gustavo posted a fantasy roadtrip, and I shall post mine:Collapse )