September 15th, 2007


The Other Side of Mice

Just woke up to find that not only was my cellphone summoning me to let me know I missed a call (unknown verizon number, will have to call back tomorrow to find out who it is), but I apparently was petting my cat Beefalo in my sleep. It's weird to find that one's body has been productive(?) while zonked out. "Today" (although that register bit has already been cleared from these 4 hours of sleep) was pretty surreal - Collapse )

In food news, Ciabatta is a bit of a current fixation - given about 30 seconds of microwave love, it is one of the most pleasantness-per-cubic-inch substances I know (it has fairly rough competition - olive hummus, spinach, and guacamole among the foods).

I recently picked up an old issue of Cerebrum magazine from the Psychology free stuff table (I'm starting to shunt random stuff I don't want any more off to there too) - it's a really strange (but interesting) magazine - Collapse )

On the Unix front - I want to play with some of the neat stuff people playing with FUSE have made (last time I looked was only a bit after that old NFS hack cryptfs was decided to be using a bad approach). Recently discovered the right setting to tell screen not to be broken in handling utf8 - now that that's done, I might switch from pidgin to finch. My apologies to non-unixy folk for the illegibility of this paragraph.

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Linguistic Fractals

Half-baked web of interconnected ideas I had in the shower:Collapse )

In other news, Al Qaeda has offered a bounty for the death of the cartoonist who drew Mohammad's head on a dog in Sweden last month. Interestingly, they did it from their branch in Iraq, probably to make a political point about the effectiveness of the American invasion. (Reminder: Al Qaeda was no doubt just as delighted to see Hussein removed from power as BushJr was)

SCOGroup has entered Chapter 11. Hurrah!

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