September 22nd, 2007


Parrot, Oh Optimal!

One of the things that's the same between places I've lived in Pittsburgh and Columbus is that very late at night I hear the trains (horns and dimly the vehicles themselves) over the sound of crickets. It's kind of nice.

As requested, modelling pics of the two other catscarves:Collapse )

A quick grab-bag of news before I get back to bed:Collapse )

Not strictly-speaking news:

Sometimes, to the shards of the world, I love being the order to your chaos and the chaos to your order... a confrontational dance.. and when I start to spout that kind of stuff, it's a sign that I should be asleep. I'm not expecting much good to come of this weekend...
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Prince of Retiring Dreams

Today was another lonely, quiet day. It started with some makizushi at Sakura (the waiters were all busy so one of the sushi chefs, who speaks barely any English, took my order and brought me food that only resembled my order in that a vegetarian sushi was the main part. Still, it was a pleasant surprise, and also delicious) While overall I think the selection of stores in SqHill has gotten worse since I moved to Pgh, Sakura is definitely on the positive side of the ledger. After that, I took a bus to the southside, swung by Joseph Beth's (large bookstore), and spent the day at the Beehive, enjoying their Golden Nepal tea.

On the way there, I was thinking about how fortunate we all are that most of us are using computers descended from the hobbyist traditions of the late 70s and early 80s. Collapse )

At Joseph Beth's, I picked up the latest copy of 2600 as well as the Middle East Journal - I'm only about halfway through the latter, but this is probably the most provocative issue I've read yet.Collapse )

Most of the time at the Beehive I spent either playing with XMPP or programming on my blog software. It's going reasonably well. I learned that the "jabberd" XMPP server is .. well, designed by people with the sendmail mentality, and whoever packaged it for Fedora really botched the job and made it much worse. Fortunately, ejabberd, despite having some unusual prerequisites, is a rather nice alternative.

A few days ago I lost about two hours just sitting back thinking about pareto-optimality and related concepts.. when I came out of it, it was almost like I had finished programming something (except I presumably was completely still the whole time... creepy)

I'm pretty bitter about .. a number of things. I could confront people about them, but I don't have the standing to really suggest they do things differently. Meh.

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