December 5th, 2007


Spiritual Life of Closures

Canine teeth, grown as vines towards the sun as flesh, clamp down joyously on snow, the cold a herald of cold water. "We outsourced our Chaos to Jackson Pollock", a curt nod of approval. "Good choice". A brief bridge - overlap notions of memories of relatives and friends past as the strange bridge of closures - nested closures, each grows weaker as the chain to the living passes further. Figures such as Idi Amin, Cholera, plague act as a collector, trimming the hedge closer to the material scope.

Nonconformist science - "If the idea is not at first absurd, there is no hope in it" - radical individualism offer candy versions of the task of science. Another program delivered - the haggling at the end over requirements and possibility strangely familiar.

Woke up this morning - ground is bathed and shiny with snow. It is highly unpleasant - brightness hurts my eyes, cold winds steal life prematurely, threats of slips abound.

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My tiredness/sleepiness knows no limits. Insatiable. I also miss some people (and times) rather badly.