December 8th, 2007


Dodging Determinism

When I was a little kid, I started reading about great topics/debates in philosophy (yay libraries), and came across the idea of determinism versus free will. Collapse )

The other half: Today on the way back from dinner Collapse )

Onto a rather less pleasant topic, while searching for that music video, I stumbled across another video with the word "torn" in it - it appears to be tied to an American anti-semitic group (or maybe just that guy). Collapse )

It's funny (well, really, more tragic) to think of all the things in life we can see we might've wanted that we never get the chance to try to make. Friendships, relationships, jobs, sharing experience. I've been jealous of a few generations of CMUfolk - not for their education (I think I got a pretty good one even if the school-independent study ratio was rather different) but rather the social opportunities and the people. Collapse )I often think that if I had gone through these experiences with them, not being so personally worn out and sharing more experiences, perhaps I would've built closer friendships and enjoyed the social atmosphere more than I did my own undergraduate times at OSU. It's hard to really know, it's just easy to be sad about this because opportunities for much of anything don't seem to come up anymore, and I don't have the energy left to keep trying to make them myself very often. Life is almost full of non-events and invisibility..

Ahh well. Back to (hopefully) daydreams of pretty guitar/singing music, and maybe eventually some sleep.