December 9th, 2007



It recently occurred to me, in an IM conversation, that polka seems like the most out-of-place music I could imagine in a cyberpunk dystopian future. Somehow, the notion of this run-down but exquisitely wired bar (cyberpunk is a very urban fantasy), with the "Pennsylvania Polka" suddenly coming on on the speakers... it seems wonderful and hilarious and wrong (trifecta). I should write Neal Stephenson with the idea.

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Israel needs a dictatorship, and other half-true statements

3 bundles of people that are particularly harmful to the world:

  • Michael Hayden - Appointed by BushJr to head the CIA, responsible for a cover-up involving torture by the CIA .. also responsible for said torture. IMO, belongs in prison (note that that article shows us one thing good about McCain - as a torture victim, we can expect that if elected, he would end this whole torture matter the right way. Alas, McCain is neither particularly otherwise likable nor electable)
  • Christian missionaries, who apparently recently lost a few people to some murders. On some level I sympathise, but their mission hurts the world.
  • Settler movements in Israel - Disliked by mainstream Israeli society, the same society is too squeamish to approve of actually reigning them in. Like the Hamas people with their "don't give up one inch" philosophy, they're a serious barrier to peace. A bit more on that...
At one point, I read about an idea that history, as we know it, is over, because the whole world is becoming democratic and democratic states don't engage each other in war. The idea seemed to make sense at the time, although since then I've come to grossly dislike it - it is a seductive lie Collapse )