December 15th, 2007


False Ming

It's days like this when global warming almost seems like a good idea.

Amusement: When people would cheat at a MMORPGCollapse )

One of my favourite Anime, クマのプー太郎, now has its opening up on Youtube.

Today I'm getting off to a very slow start - I suspect I'll brave the snow and head to the beehive in a bit.

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    クマのプー太郎 - たいたいづくし

LJ Escape

Over the last hour or two, I whipped up a program that attempts to slurp as much information off of LiveJournal as it can, on the theory that this might be interesting/useful to those of you who don't mirror your blog to LJ from somewhere else (as I do), and are concerned about the recent sale of LJ to that previously mentioned Russian marketing firm. Details:Collapse )

Intrested parties can grab the tarball here.