December 18th, 2007


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Behold, my first, last, and only video blog entry. (20 megs, OGG Theora format, please please please for the love of Fnord, if you're going to watch it, save it to a file/download it)

Supplemental: Converting from WMV format to OGG Theora was an adventure (of the sort involving airports and lost tickets and other horrors), reinforcing some points I made. I also am a bit rambly.

(not to be confused with my earlier singing blog entry)

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Die neue amtliche Rechtsdenkung

Thought: "Right-thinking" in Buddhism - lift term from original context, apply attention to the shaping effects of choice of words and vocabulary on categories.Collapse )

The next few weeks are going to be really weird - everyone is gone. Work, students, etc. Pittsburgh is empty. Timing is very poor. is still awesome for being willing to host, gratis, videos and audio people make - Collapse )

I am pretty horrified at the dark magic that "gnome-settings-daemon" does, and disappointed that it lacks a manpage. A lot of the GNOME stuff seems to have problems of this sort - while traditional unix is a mix of fragile kludges and well-designed stuff, at least it's well documented and fits together in visible, tweakable ways.

It's sometimes interesting to think about fading industries and what one would theoretically do if given the helm of one of them, say a newspaper, record label,tv station, etc. Also wondering if and hoping that the car market undergoes massive shifts soon as Zipcar and tiny European cars make it big here.

"Battle Royale 2" is amusingly bad. It begs to be subjected to MST3k-style riffing.

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Middle Finger to the Wind

The "power inversion" (or power shift, or decentralisation, or democratisation of markets or hobbyist social replacement of markets, or birth of the information age) is a trend in progress in our society, fueling and fueled by the internet. With the tools and collaboration potential our middle classes have combined with the spare time some classes of society have attained, hobbyist efforts can be used to create things of traditional value, and because we tend to think of these things as hobbyist, our decision not to charge for them combined with the potential for higher quality (with some kinds of information age "products") leads to the destruction of several traditional markets, a burst of social creativity/activity/fluidity, and following from those two, a feeling of empowerment and liberation from tradition. With the opening of media, anyone has the potential to reach an audience and traditional media sources are heavily threatened.

What are the risks of this, and what are the risks to this?Collapse )

I wonder if the Parrot Virtual Machine could catch on big.. Also, does Rob Pike's "A Concurrent Window System" seem a reasonable approach to doing graphical programming for desktops?