December 21st, 2007


Tötlich Gesund

Sometimes it's the most flattering thing in the world to get a code review (especially if it's by someone who just so happens to know their stuff). Sometimes these same code reviews come from surprising places. Between submission and approval of my ljescape tool on lj_nifty, one of the moderators dug into it with a fine-toothed comb and gave some nice criticism of the way I did a few things (so expect a third version soon).

Listening to Neil Benjamin's "To Far Away Memories", a pleasant guitar rendition of the song "To Far Away Times" from Chrono Trigger. Have been thinking a lot about what it is about some attributes of music, like "drama" or "sadness" in how they break down to notes and tempo. Perhaps there is no deep meaning and I'm setting out on a quest to find deep meaning in what's just a quirk. Probably.

I suspect, based on recent sniffing around as to SUP and the thoughts of the russian blogging community on them, that LJ is going to become significantly worse and more ad-ful.

Since setting Pidgin to play the "Team Rocket motto" whenever I get a new message window, my life has been considerably more randomly amusing.

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Scent in Relations

It's strange how hard it is to consciously think about the scent of people, but how much smelling something that smells like something one knew really brings back the memories. In this case, a mix of mint and catnip...

It's generally a good sign that it's time to leave a community when enough people consciously make an effort to piss one off.


Black Hat Logicians

I should get a T-Shirt (or set of them) to dispel easy misconceptions people get about me from the books I carr around -- today a law book on contracts led someone to start to tell me about their plans to sue the military to annul a contract they were intimidated into signing, recently I got scowls from people seeing Machiavelli (even though his Discourses would be considerably more paletable than the Prince, even to people who are not philosophically openminded), and on occasion when my Torah goes out with me, people assume I'm Jewish (my looks probably contribute a bit there too). Therefore, I need a T-shirt that says IANAL, IANAV (Villain), IANJ (although in some parts of the world and society, the groups are largely synonymous..)

Cruft is a big part of law, it seems - older laws built to well serve one society don't necessarily serve a hundred years down the line when economic relations/systems have shifted, social realities and expectations drift (age of majority, etc), and similar changes have taken place. Apart from the strict constitutionalists (whom I think are likely to be very harmful to society, again because for the name of consistency, they lose sight of (or require the legislative body to handle) the purpose of the law in advancing the public good), there seems, at least based on what I've read so far, to be some tension in how and when to restructure law to adapt to changing realities. If we were to see momentum for a new government that would take a much more public-interest-centric prespective (e.g. if the United States moved from a Corporate Capitalist mixed republic to a Social Democracy), Collapse )

For a dose of the surreal, the music videos for The Avelanches' Frontier Psychiatrist and Since I Left You are really cool..