Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Car Exhaust

Will today be a productive day? It could be.I want to get a lot of packing and cleaning done today. I also havethings to read, things to write, my website to update, and arrangementsto make for a storage bin in Pitts pending the availability of myplace there.Will today be a lazy day? It could be.I'm kind of tired today. Maybe it's just because I haven't eatenyet, but I haven't had a lazy day for awhile, and it might be niceto just lie around for a bit.Will today be a lonely day? It likely will.Debb is out of town, for a race. Still, I might meet up withsome friends, depending on if I feel social or not later on.Right now I'm kind of grumpy.

Still, yesterday wasn't all that great of a day, and today willalmost certainly be better than that. I just want to get out ofthis city and start my new life! Heh. Like New Coke. Maybe I'moverestimating how good things will be there. Hmm. Well, no,when I think about the things that by necessity will be better,and the things that could be better, I'm pretty sure thatnew life is a good summary. Still, it's probably a good idea totake the rosy glasses off every once in awhile for a sec to makesure where you're going is where you think you're going.

I think I'll nap for a bit, and decide what to do with the day.I'm tempted to, closer to the end of the day, just write anentry saying "it was a NNN day". That would be amusing. Exceptnow I've ruined how clever it would seem. Oh darn :)


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