March 19th, 2008


Lemonjuice Between Life and Death

Feeling better. With that done, it's time to get my life moving again. Applying for jobs at UCSB, which would place me in nice, warm, shallow California.

Surprisingly, having met new friends in Germany in an online game I play has helped me pull me out from where I was - I think it's that no matter how many other interests fall aside, my love of languages has never died. As-is, I'm trying to rediscover more of my interests... I also got a Nintendo Wii, and have had an enjoyable time both playing with the new Smash Brothers and seeing how well the system software is designed - the interface is rather different than what I've seen on any computer desktop, and still seems to be both good and intuitive. The funky controller is, despite what I thought before using one much, actually pretty neat. I would love to play online with any of you who also have a Wii, but I don't yet know how to get whatever magic number I need to tell you that's my system's identity. I'll post that when I figure it out.

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Memories of the New

  • Impressions: Things before they're familiar
  • Memory: excitement, thrills at learning the initial contour of a new experience
  • Joy: Sending mind down mental paths, dreaming of possibilities. Ideal: If someone has not already done so, which ruins the puzzle
  • Restrictions on experience: Few, fewer yet when i was younger

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Occasionally, I think back and attempt to recapture the *taste* of novelty for something I've already figured out and stuck with. It is a sweet taste.

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