March 27th, 2008


Bee Preparations

When I was younger, I caught part of Lovelock's Gaia Theory, and connected it in my mind to the idea of how bees work in a hive -- the notion of an "intelligence" made of many parts. I wondered what it would be like to actually be a hive mind -- to be composed of theoretically independent entities that function together as a single organism, and sometimes dreamed of being the biosphere of Terra. I still sometimes wonder if something like a swarm of bees could be in aggregate intelligent, or whether the more open nature of the space between them precludes the intercommunication presumably needed for deep intelligence. The idea that trees might think meaningfully, albeit much more slowly, seems pretty unlikely now. Gleich's Chaos and the way people walk: delightful meditations on complexity and futzing that produces a seemingly stable result. How meaningful are layers of intelligence built on top of people as social units?

Idea of the bee dancing and ant scents: parallels to social signals we send each other in various societies. Collapse )

Etiquette: Someone once told me etiquette is designed to provide rules so most people can be maximally comfortable in social situations. Collapse )

Tonight: Saw "Throne of Blood", a fairly far-out Japanese *interpretation* of Macbeth, made in the 1950s and set in a time of warlords in Japan, courtesy Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Apart from the modem sounds at the art (painfully shrill flutes), it was a fantastic film.

If anyone I know personally would like to take a large, lovable cat, please let me know. *sniff*


Geert up for Battle?

I recently found a place to see Geert Wilders' (Dutch filmmaker) recent controversial film, Fitna. Note that it contains shocking images. This is the film that Network Solutions pulled the plug on recently, and that many are worried about continuing to spark tensions between the western world and the islamic world, similar to the Jyllands cartoon controversy. Thoughts:

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