April 10th, 2008


Ideals and Reality

Returning to an old question in political philosophy: Does the world need idealists? Collapse )

Lightly related, sometimes it's really interesting to see heated debates between various groups or perspectives one dislikes - one has the interesting sensation for feeling empathy for positions one might not initially be inclined to like when one is only comparing them to one's own position. This sensation is one of my favourite in philosophy - it is one of the things that leads, I think, most directly to a broader perspective (brief aside: Illinois' State Representative Monique Davis appears to dislike broad exposure to different perspectives). In this case, Bill O'Reilly squares off against Ron Paul.Collapse )

Perhaps also interesting:Collapse )



The weather is really nice. I had a late sushi lunch and then walked around Squirrel Hill for a bit. People seem really happy to be outside, as am I. Smells: Mordechai's nice cigars as I pass the Coffee Tree, bread and other foods from bakeries and restaurants, pizzas of many kinds. Sights: twisted cherry trees, incredible variation in flora. Frum kids dragging their books in luggage instead of backpacks, people in various garbs. Sounds: happy birds and crickets, smattering of many languages, skateboards and rollerblades. The band across the street practicing. Fading tastes of sushi, soy sauce, green tea ice cream in the mouth. Hesitant tickle from Beefalo inspecting my hands.

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