April 24th, 2008


Old Faces In Mirrors

I was recently a bit weirded out how much I repeat myself on my blog - reason why is that my blog usually skims the surface of what's on my mind at the moment, and I do tend to return to old topics every so often and, forgetting I already blogged them, don't go into the non-intro part of them. Still, it bugs me.

I've been in a vindictive, angry mood, Collapse )*mopes*

Spoke again with JasonM about SB - he pointed me at Craigslist there, and out of curiosity, I looked in the jobs section and immediately spotted two rather neat positions - will have to look more carefully at them and craigslist in general. I've never thought of craigslist as a place to find a job - perhaps I was too dismissive. Collapse )

Will make fondue again with different cheeses soon, given advice from a friend in Germany.

Expect a news/news-analysis post soon, for the world remains interesting in the chinese curse sense.

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Defining the State

We define the role of the state: Collapse )

Picked up some Gruyère and Emmenthal cheeses as well as more bread for "Fondue Take 2", which may happen tonight. The smell of flowers and plants is in the air, and it is now very pleasant to be outdoors. I also spent a good deal of time at the 61c having some granola-in-milk (why don't more restaurants serve cereal-ish stuff as meals?) and tea and puzzling over why/how my OLPC got partially reset (the automatic updates occasionally nuke everything outside of /home - maybe that's what happened), both removing all the packages I added to have a more stock linux environment I could switch to as well as making the OLPC browser activity work again. Unfortunately, I can also no longer "su", so I may need to reflash the system to get back to tinkering.

I remember when I administered some SCO Openserver and Unixware systems some time back, scoadmin "impressed" me with its willingness to rebuild the kernel whenever a package needed some parameters tweaked or a new driver. Collapse )