April 26th, 2008


Thoughts About Poly

My apologies for taking this advance idea for a topic from someone who hasn't yet posted on it (I won't name them because the post is friendlocked), but I think it's interesting and I haven't written except in brief on the matter before. Storytime.. which eventually will hopefully meander onto/through some conclusions, observations, and impressions.

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Summing up, I don't think poly relationships are things that people only experiment with in youth even if that's true for some people, nor do I think they're interently problematic for everyone. They may in fact be a better thing for some people, although finding out for whom that is true can be a painful process. I think but do not know that I could manage a sex/companionship-style involvement in a polyweb but not a love-style involvement, and while I do desire sex and companionship and would not object to having it through either something casual, I also want love and I suspect but do not know that I could not manage that in a poly relationship. The more people who are in poly relationships, the more people who I'd want to date otherwise become unavailable, and so in an indirect way, poly webs disadvantage me in a way that hurts more than many other types of systematic incompatibility/difficulty.


Seats at the Table

At the 61c today, I ran into someone who sounded a lot like a guy I used to know in columbus from Insomnia - a self-described "bisexual witch" who talked endlessly about casting spells, manipulating energy levels, Collapse )

Lawrence Lessig's "change congress" project needs help documenting positions of politicians on reform issues so it can hold them to it - those interested can get involved here. As has been made clear to me by some friends who were involved in politics for a time, it's easy for a politician to honestly agree that some kinds of reform are a good thing and want to do them, but these beliefs are challenged with all the trading of favours that happens invisibly in politics. Whether Lessig's efforts will be able to impose enough of a cost on that invisible dealmaking is something we'll have to see.

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