May 19th, 2008


Shards of Frozen Air

Sometimes I like to imagine my cats are deadly beasts, and I try to figure out how to escape the apartment (or, alternatively, make it under the covers to wait until they fall asleep) without being eaten. Alas, when I make a dash for either, they tend to figure it out and chase me like mad demons. Perhaps this is the sort of thing that often goes on in cat brains....

An interesting issue brought up in British politics - Gordon Brown was criticised for suggesting creation of human-"animal" hybrids (admixes) to harvest cells from. As I understand, the background of the issue is this: It is legally and/or morally unacceptable in Britain to create humans that would fill that role. Instead, the nucleus of a human cell is deposited into a cell from another animal that has its nucleus removed, and that makes a viable cell that is allowed to grow for harvesting. Unless I am misunderstanding something, admixes don't really serve a purpose:Collapse )

In other news, I am a complete flake and can't in fact come to solid conclusions about anything. Thinking about fitting neatly back into a life not much unlike the one I wrapped up at the end of January now scares the hell out of me. Talking more with the company I turned down on salary bits is very tempting. Damnit! Complete and utter flake. Maybe I really do need a change of pace, and maybe that really is more important. How can I reasonably plan my life when what I want to do can swing around like this?