May 20th, 2008


Recital on Gay Marriage

Perspective on gay marriage (likely not far from standard US secular liberal perspective), which I may have given several times before, but is again in the news:Collapse )

Feeling a bit better again about not moving - Collapse )I hope I can use this to lay to rest this vacillation. On the upside, I got the first feeler from CMU about the greyhat "hacker" position, which sounds pretty awesome. If that ends up happening, it'll probably be the most CS-ish job I've had - I just need to make sure CERT doesn't have a dress code (I don't do dress codes).

Unrelated, I am increasingly convinced that Wikileaks is one of the most important sites on the internet for advancing societal openness. It is, like some other worthy sites, an unfortunate magnet for lawsuits, perhaps because it's inherently uncareful about disclosure of everything it comes across. I hold that its level of openness is a worthwhile goal though, and that the "new reality" that some judges have grumbled about is one worth forcing on all societies and legal systems Wikileaks can affect.