May 22nd, 2008


Cooled Fingers

"You're all here to understand conflict. We have a lot of instinct relating to conflict, used since before the dawn of our species to help us flee or fight. From the personal to the tribe, some people can smell it coming, from the silence of efforts to coexist being abandoned, to no more jockeying for position. We learn to hear the approach of a fight as mutually stifled wills shift our realities. Some use this chance to prepare to give something up, or to flee long before conflict arrives, and some arrange - learn the weak points of coworkers, friends, lovers, perhaps seek outside aid. Some of you want to learn the approach of conflict to avert it - often this is worse, as the moment of conflict is a sign that the old reality is no longer justified." -- Isa wrinkled her brow, absentmindedly looked up the profile of her professor.

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Han von Meegeren: an interesting "forger" of the Dutch masters, who painted original paintings in their style, attributed to them in the hopes that once they had received acclaim, he would reveal his authorship and achieve fame. My thoughts: his personal ethics were worthy of condemnation, but he was also a great artist and the works he made were not less worthy of their acclaim by the fraud. Were the conversations and insights made by trying to combine the claimed artists' perspective with the specifics of the work invalid? To what extent is appreciation for authenticity as part of the character of a work overrated or a failing? Should we now appreciate his art under his own name?

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Google, Anger, and Employment

A year or two ago, I was being courted by Google (which was particularly cool because it was initiated by them). Collapse )

I hope CMU or UCSB actually ends up interviewing me for some of the positions I've applied for - I'll certainly be eating crow if I turned down this job and don't manage to get back into academia after all, even if the pay wasn't what I was looking for.

I imagine we all experience a bit of silliness/awkwardness/fumbles when it comes to jobhunting and finding a good match - it's probably a lot like dating, even moreso in that if one has a lot of experience getting things started, it's often because one isn't particularly good at keeping things going.

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