June 4th, 2008


Tongues and the Sauce

Some time ago, I bought a bottle of brandy, as I did not know what brandy tastes like. Since then, I've occsaionally tried the smallest sip and found it insisting on being loathsome. Recently, I have discovered that it is a fantastic cooking ingredient, and am starting to feel out which recipes in which it would be appropriate. Tonight's spaghetti was partcularly good. Yum! Now I don't need to keep drinking it or throw it away.

It appears that Barack Obama has enough delegates to win the nomination for the Democratic candidacy. I am very pleased about this - while I don't think Clinton was a bad candidate, I think Obama is a better one, and hope that he goes on to win the presidential election. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the longshot possibility that he asks Russ Feingold to be his running mate.

It appears that *finally* the "main" Perl6 implementation is approaching usability (main meaning the implementation that runs on the Parrot VM - as Perl6 has a spec, there are some other implementations in various stages of completion). Ruby's pretty awesome too though, and I'll need to feel out more which one I'll migrate to as my main language for personal projects over the next few months. I think the ParrotVM itself is very cool, but in the long run I don't think I'll have to choose - there's a project to implement Ruby on ParrotVM. I sometimes wonder if programming in C will stop feeling so *right* to me at some point - given all the other languages I've learned and loved, from Scheme to MIPS Assembly, I still get warm fuzzies whenever I program in C (and C++ still makes me "gut"-angry/jealous for ObjC).

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