June 18th, 2008


Rabbits and Gender Norms

"In our culture, rabbits are not seen as being particularly masculine""Despite their obvious potency and proclivities?""That's only one part of our notion of maculinitiy - many other traits have long been considered part of that, possibly tying to some biotendencies that developed in the EEA for our species""Huh?"

I've recently been thinking about whether open event invitations of the sort that people often do on twitter, lj, and similar are socially healthy (or would be if that became the norm for such gatherings)..Collapse )

I sometimes wonder if these things are the most obvious and widely-accepted things in the world, areas of actual difference between a lot of people, or something else.

There's something amusing about trying to get 3 computers either interestingly in-sync or interestingly out-of-sync in playing the same music file.

I should mention that someone I know lost their dog by the name of Mochi somewhere in Shadyside. If you spot it, please let her know.

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Progression of Flavours

  • Good: "Lemon Zinger" Tea (and reasonable fascimiles)
  • Better: Squirting pre-packaged bottles of lemon or lime juice into other, better teas as they steep
  • Best: Squeezng juice and small amounts of pulp from a real lime into tea
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