June 21st, 2008


Static in the Mind

  • Wednesday: J and R came over, and there was conversation and games.
  • Thursday: Invitation to an informal dinner gathering with chrisamaphone, wjl, and "8" (error: unmapped handle to realname - btw, hello I am Improv). Many wonderful toppings were made and applied to pasta - this made the best meal I've had in months.
  • Friday: Consumed by migraine which is not really gone yet

Working more on understanding issues in Islamic jurisprudence/philosophy: leads to broader matter of preservation of meaning. "Mafhūn al-mukhālafah": a type of reasoning that is accepted/not accepted as a difference between the 4 schools. Literally: Something like "judgement by negative meaning". Collapse )

Have recently been feeling pretty down, having seen other people's working relationships again and remembering what it felt like to have nice routines involving dinner, the joy of having two people doing things that floated in mutual judgement between them, and all that other stuff... sigh.

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    Ome Henk - Arie in Zijn Ferrari

The Japanese Amusement

It would be very amusing if some poor confused person were to make a movie where every Japanese person had big black censorship bars over their eyes, out of confusion that such things exist in real life. I suppose it would be good fodder for a "Naked Gun" style parody too.