July 6th, 2008


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  • "His problem is that he thinks he's an 8 and he's really closer to being a 4 or 5"
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Recently: Bizarre dreams involving Woody Allen, Grad School, and happy dreams of being settled with and married to various people I'm attracted to (and a few I'm not, which are kind of weird).

Also recently, a game I play online has been having server/database problems, and has had lengths of time where all the adventuring people did were erased by the need to recover from 2-day-old backups. As this is a fairly involved MMORPG, lots of stuff can happen in that period and having it all cleanly undone is very frustratingCollapse )

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Getting into initially heated arguments about human races and subspecies that later turn into reasonably calm discussions about taxonomy and genetics: strangely satisfying.

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Was at 61c this evening, overheard an old guy who I've often found irritating for his very traditional/regressive values talking about sexuality, he speculated that all non-straight sexual preference derives from some sort of trauma: prison, childhood abuse, etc, and hoped neither he nor anyone he knew would have that kind of a "terrible" existence. Afterwards he went on to reminisce about how everything was better in the old days, etc etc. It's sometimes an interesting exercise to simply listen to perspectives one so strongly disagrees with and dislikes.

General outlook on politics, spark of life, and aging (CAUTION: moves into politics):Collapse )

We consider the following as reasonable starting points for definitional discussions for these movements:Collapse )


  • I recently learned that ancient SUN optical mousepads are one of the best surfaces around for modern optical mice.
  • I want to trace though how HOSVDs work (and make sure I really understand SVDs). Unfortunately, I am well beyond rusty in math related to tensors, and (as always) I loathe standard mathematical notation (just as frustrating for music)
  • Still thinking about some news events that happened a bit ago - will probably eventually post about them
  • I'm pretty sure I want to learn the Persian language. Starting to look for a good textbook...