July 13th, 2008


Dedos enfrente del incendio

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Strange urges to go camping, to rewrite the past and discover lost potentials... alternating moments of hope of turning things around and despair. Still laughing at how for a time I felt trapped in relationships when it became clear they were going sour, and how different that feels to this percieved vast emptiness.

Went jogging for a bit tonight.. Schenley Park and Squirrel Hill are nice at night. People who arn't night owls miss out on so much (although I suppose morning people have their own secrets). I miss long walks in the evening with other people.

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    Watershed - Little By Little

Built on the Ruins of a Playpen

Recently I heard some of the several nice acoustic tracks added to a "deluxe edition" of the most recent CD from a group I like - they're quite nice, being different enough from the normal versions so as to feel like a cover from another band. I'd love to hear a lot more from that "other band".. and I am also frustrated that *ahem* for those who actually pay for CDs, they'd need to buy yet another copy of the CD to get these tracks. Also, having a band's website be their myspace page is really lame - almost inevitably it looks as terrible as most myspace pages do and also has a copious amount of spam in the comment section.

I've been thinking about how philosophers evolve over time, Collapse )

I've also been thinking about the restriction placed, in some flavours of Judaism, on learning about other religions - while I can see how it might make sense from a memetic perspective, that intellectual isolationism bothers me a lot. Collapse )

I semi-recently read on a friend's LJ (I think, but I don't remember for sure) a phrase I like about a broad range of seecular philosophies: Collapse )

I am quite mystified at looseleaf tea that remains good after 5 infusions.

Also, now would be a great time to fall asleep. Hopefully soon.