July 16th, 2008


Shallow Intelligence

I find it very frustrating how many news sites don't "get it" with the internet - when they report on things that pertain to things online, very few of them provide a direct link to anything the user might want to follow up on. For example, a news site might run a story on a new piece of software from FooCompany that's going to change the world, and while they're often will link to other stories they wrote about FooCompany and possibly the type of software it is, they almost never will link directoy to FooCompany or a press release. Traditional news media almost never get it right, which is probably why a lot of people get their news (for better or for worse) from slashdot, kuro5hin, or Wikinews.

Pondering the phonomena of discussions with other people where certain styles of argument cause a statement/point to have no impact because one has decided that style of argument is invalid. Collapse )

Much of this is indirectly inspired by a rare bit of socialising tonight, which touched on philosophy, math, programming languages, and other things. This kind of thing happens far too rarely.

Collapse )

I'm happy to see that Megaman 9 will be coming out soon (which, from the previews available on Youtube, mixes old-style graphics with a lot of new gameplay ideas), but stumbled across this video of someone beating all the Megaman 1 bosses without getting hit (and without using the select-pause trick), mostly using the regular arm cannon. Impressive! (there's also a lot of other weird stuff for those looking for it)

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Questions on SVD

I woke up this morning with a few questions on SVDsCollapse )

Slashdot recently reported the beginnings of interoperability between Second Life and open servers speaking the same protocol - that opens a number of interesting issues like preservation of the IP regime that SL has on its grid. Collapse )

It says good things about humanity that as of this look, 819 people need their daily-ish dose of amusing nonsense. Merovingan's lj would probably be a good thing to read for people who for some reason never were going to sleep again. If I remember correctly, I first found him when reading up on a few other prominent Wikipedia admins. (which reminds me - is Eric Möller still involved at the highest levels of Wikipedia? .. answer: sigh, yes he is.)

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