October 23rd, 2008


2008 Economic Woes

Later tonight, I'm going to see Jerry White of the Socialist Equality Party talk about the recent economic woes (UPitt, Cathedral of Learning Room339, 19:00). I expect it to be mostly rubbish, but possibly interesting rubbish. Collapse )

Colin Powell has been big in the news recently - a long-term moderate Republican, he made waves by (as a kind of mirror of Joe Lieberman) endorsing Barack Obama (because he felt the other team was bad for America in a non-value-difference way) and for statements on race and religion in society. Collapse )

Also interesting, but a bit more general - Wikipedia (hooray for "no original research") has enumerated aspects of a "Powell Doctrine" of foreign intervention, comparing them with other recent and historical notions of when/how the US should intervene.Collapse )

One more little sigh - I have failed to rediscover the magic set of things to pass to the Linux kernel to tell it that my i8042 (keyboard/busmouse controller in my laptop) is lousy and to both ignore the trackpad and treat the keyboard delicately. The trackpad is indeed disabled, but the keyboard randomly repeats keys (maybe I had to tell it not to poll the battery very often?). At work, it is a joy to use a USB keyboard instead. I would be thrilled if in the future even the builtin pointers and keyboards on laptops are connected to the system "via" USB. I've seen the i8042 misbehave on a wide variety of laptops (even on windows sometimes), and am convinced that that chip needs to be laid to rest. I really don't want my next laptop to have these same issues.

I'm not exactly looking forward to the Palo Alto trip this coming week, and am still trying to decide if I want to drive to ColumbusOhio for Halloween as soon as I get back or whether I will be tired from a week's travel. My personal life still is painfully empty, and my reactions to it don't interact well with any hope for improving it. Blah. At least California will be warm, I think, and it'll be at least a bit amusing to see HP's headquarters.


Scientific Socialism

The event wasn't too different from what I expected in some ways. Collapse )

Currently, I'm also kind of amused by the enthymology of the word "jeopardy", and the idea that the game show's title is a slightly more elaborate play on words rather than a simple one.

Part of my job involves working with people in the engineering department in the bowels of Roberts Hall - the cultural differences are pretty interesting. Collapse )

Scott Adams (of dilbert)'s most recent blog entry describes a dilemma that relates to some irritants I have when conversing with people. In another entry, he expresses some disdain for learning for learning's sake though, which bugs me.

Hopefully Mohammad Khatami will run against Ahmadinejad in the upcoming Persian presidential election.

All I seem to want to do in my spare time is be asleep.