June 18th, 2009


The Hardy Boys in the Case of the Missing Distinctions

Finished: 「Heirs of Mohammad」. Thoughts on piety, values, what it means to be a good person:Collapse )

PZ Meyers, while a good professor (I have learned quite a bit of assorted biology from reading his blog), is a troll on the topic of atheism. It is not that I think a hardline position on atheism is unwarranted, but a kneejerk one is. There exist people who believe there to be no godCollapse )


The Azeri Defense

If I wanted to live somewhere where the power is unreliable, I'd move to Azerbaijan. Damnit. Second day of coming home to darkness.

Here's to hoping the cats remain afraid of the candles and that the batteries to my various laptops last me awhile.

I suspect that everything in the fridge is going to rot, sadly including the Paneer I was hoping to experiment with. Still, maybe the timing is not so terrible as being on a mood downswing makes me want to sleep all the time anyhow.

I also made the mistake of buying candles that smell like food, which make me hungry. These candles *really* smell like delicious pies. I suspect there is someone whose entire job is to make candles smell like food. Mmm. Sigh.


Arrest of Mohammad Ali Abtahi

(Mohammad Khatami on the left, Mohammad Ali Abtahi on the right)

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a former reformist government minister under Mohammad Khatami, was recently arrested in Iran, according to a guest-blogger on his blog.

I have long enjoyed the candid commentary by Abtahi over the years I have read his blog, and wish him, Khatami, and Mosavi well in the ongoing political mess over there. I feel like I have a personal stake in this now as I've exchanged a mail or two with Abtahi and respect him. (In politics, you don't always get to design the people or the circumstances you like from scratch, but some people, regardless of how they would move things relative to where you are, are good people).

You may do a google news search and find your own story on him.

(I am still without power)