August 13th, 2009


Doogie's Legacy

(oops, forgot to post before I went to bed. Date may be confusing)

I wonder how many people got their initial intuitions about blogging based on Doogie Howser. Collapse )

Yesterday: packed up my office. This is the second time I've been at CMU and moved without changing jobs.Collapse )


Technically Civilised

Today I moved my lamp, tea kettle, and cup to my new office - this means that my office is technically civilised (not fully because I don't have the electric base to the kettle nor any tea). On the way between old office and new,Collapse )

I took two videos with my camera, and tossed them on Youtube:

The chair in my new office does wonderful things to my back - I don't think I'll need a pillow anymore to be comfortable. It's a bit weird being able to look across the chasm and see either of my boss's offices, or look down and see the curiously obscene-looking blue chairs.
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