August 24th, 2009


Holes in Space

Over the last few weeks, I have been daydreaming about topology. Collapse )

I ordered a Unicomp emulation of the One True Keyboard™, and it came in today. Initial impression: it is a close second to the real thing. The tactile response is very similar, but the keys are slightly wrong (OTK, like most keyboards, have keys that are gentle pyramids. The Unicomp's pyramid comes a bit higher than OTK, so their keys have slightly less surface area on top meaning they are a bit harder to hit, although they're still easier than most other keyboards). The keyboard is otherwise very good - heavy, same layout, etc. Given that my OTKs all have a PS2 interface and USB-to-PS2 converters universally suck, it's a good way to keep a mostly OTK-experience as we move forward.

Ever since I saw this advertisement on the bus, I've had a tough time not imagine reading the word "baby" in a different way. I had to make another version (big images behind cut):Collapse )

Thought: Any political philosophy must be suitable for the entire worldCollapse )

Horrible things nobody should do (but they would be funny):

  • Use a really nasty dollar bill to buy something as the first customer in a new restaurant. It's tradition to frame the first dollar, but using a worn and faded crumply dollar might be embarassing to display
  • Visit various forii, particularly those where conspiracy theorists hang out, posting comments with the sole content of "Comment has been removed by moderator" (taking it further on the conspiracy sites, "Comment has been removed by moderator and IP address has been sent to legal authorities")
On the way to work today, thought about how irritating it is to have buildings named after people who cough up money. Thought: what would we ideally see universities name their buildings?Collapse )

I have been reading about the foreign policy of Qatar. I suspect that Hamad al-Thani and Mozah Al-Missned together are the equivalent of Henry Kissinger-level political brilliance. I would probably take a bit closer to a principled stance than Kissinger or the Qataris, but it is nontheless impressive seeing how they maneuver.

Today (and this last weekend) were very busy with work stuff, to the point where the ordinary weekend lonliness and depression didn't hit me that hard because I was preparing demos and content for a sponsor visit. Collapse )

There will be more in another entry (to come shortly).