August 28th, 2009



Barefoot jogging:Collapse )

The jog was spent wondering if the continuing education system for doctors is sufficient to keep their medical practice reasonably guided by current research while still having some insulation from studies. I suspect that some insulation is necessary (just as the appointed parts of the judiciary are partly insulated from public opinion and current trends in legal philosophy), but there is the danger of doctors, particularly those in small towns, practicing medicine of the 1960s rather than that of the 1990s. I understand that lawyers, doctors, and teachers all have continuing education requirements. Are there other professional fields like this, and do their systems more-or-less work? Do they all penetrade to more rural areas?

Several years ago, I went to a party (gasp!) mostly attended by international students, and got into a really interesting (friendly) argument with an Iranian about Khatami, Rafsanjani, and Ahmadinejad. It would be interesting to have the chance to continue that discussion given how events have unfolded since. Even back then, I think I only attended the party because someone practically dragged me there. Hmm.

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Humour without Authors

I was feeling angsty - it gnaws at me when I see people in the love portion of other people's wallets whom I had always felt something for, but then I spotted something quite marvelous: 「The Longest Poem in the World」. Click on the elipses at the bottom to get more poem.

I suppose this humour does actually have authors, but the novel and remarkable content derives mainly from a mechanical process.

Lightly related to jwz's xscreensaver being able to glue content from livejournal into its text-based screensaver modules.


Lemonade is Important

And because it is important, you should know that my note that Whole Foods has the wonderful lemon juice in giant bottles is wrong. It is in fact the Co-Op that has that, so if you go to Whole Foods you will be as without lemonade as I am (sadly, very).

Also grumbly that I left my laptop's power cord at work.

It is times like this that I wish I had a car, to correct power and juice problems.

The one upside of the recent political death is that at least we're not hearing about Michael Jackson anymore.

Twitter encourages a certain style of corrispondence - exuberant, quirky, words slightly off-kilter so as to move mental dust around. Slightly stilted.

  • "Dancing here is like a mirror meeting a disco ball"
  • "Splendid tea marred only by the glare of hobos outside"
  • "Zombies in fact make poor waiters. I am too polite to complain unless they attack."
  • "Laughter may be good medicine, but it did not cure my gardeners of apparent lepersy"
  • "Emerging fashions are terrifyingly inspired for Twisted Sister. Help!"
Those are random examples from my head, although it occurs that Scary Go Round takes this to be a high art. I would love to have a word for this style of discourse - it is broader than twitter. Perhaps 「Modern Wilderism」, or 「Twilderism」. The latter is less clear, but it suggests a wonderful term for those embarking into mental spaces where this is common - the 「Twilderness」. HO HO HO

Té Café has good internet but terrible DNS. Firefox setting "network.proxy.socks_remote_dns" joined with "ssh -D 8080 -Nf HOSTNAME" is my hero. It would be cute were there a way to tell firefox to use socks only for DNS.

Feeling pretty blah, aimless, and overwhelmed by problems.
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Random invitations to drive me to CMU and/or the Co-op would be likely accepted.