August 30th, 2009


Dreams shall bring you back

A dream, a memory, and yesterday:Collapse )

Yesterday: kindasorta hung out with chrisamaphone in Bloomfield, then wjl and someone else showed up to take her to other things, so I walked to India Garden for dinner. On the way, there were many interesting scents. Tacky gals whose perfumes made them smell like ground-up tic-tacs, others with a faint mix of alcohol and tobacco that is mildly pleasant (unlike either smell alone). These smells and others stirred memories. Random encounter with AGrishman, AlexR, then standard dinner, walked home in a bit of a daze. Collapse )

Dutch people called Cheese-shoes by Germans...

Reading the biography of Trostky I picked up recently - interesting, and not surprisingly I find more areas of philosophy where I disagree with T. At the time, the use of the word Communist, within the movement, has a lot of nuance and manipulation - those who aligned themselves with Moscow and the Third International considered themselves the only real Communists, while others had mixed opinions on the term. This is a general "design pattern" of humanity - becoming hung up over terms and using their differential definitions as weapons. I suspect that my notion of Marxist Communism is much broader than that used by the Third or Fourth International, and am reasonably certain that I should not consider myself within the bounds of the Fourth or the broader Trotskyite faction. The idea of "scientific socialism" is too hard for me to swallow, and dialectical materialism is not central enough to the way I think. I sometimes wonder how much any of these movements were ever cohesive because of arguments, or whether social factors in fact account for most of the banding into tight coalitions. Given the basic need for some variety of socialism, we can easily imagine as many flavours as there are people except that people talk, that there are natural leaders, and that infrastructure starts to form like dust seeding raindrops around particular ideas. Supersaturation can't last forever..

I have not left the house yet today, although I probably should. Perhaps a jog, perhaps a lonely evening in a coffeeshop.