September 1st, 2009


Traummenschen in die Stadt

A dream element:Collapse )

I am curious about memory synthesis in dreams - when we remember things that never happened, is it a fabrication of content of the sort that happens in the dream itself, or are we generally remembering content from prior dreams? Through some mechanism our memories of dreams usually fade when we wake up, but is it that the content is actually gone or that some kind of situational memory facilitates memory between dreams that's unavailable in waking times? I imagine the fading (or hiding) of dream memories fills the important role of helping us differentiate dream events from real ones, but it would be interesting to modify that mechanism.

Perhaps the Internet Archive's wayback machine is a good metaphor in opening memories of ephemeral content.

It turns out that the ssh "ControlMaster" stuff to allow for automatic sharing of connections to the same place is, while a neat idea, very badly implemented. Collapse )

Elvin Lim has an interesting analysis of torture by the United States. In a more ideal world, I think Cheney and Rumsfeld would be executed for mandating tortureCollapse )

It's like somebody flipped a switch, and all the warmth has left Pittsburgh. I am surprised that I am still here.

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