September 10th, 2009


Piano Petal Harder

When we smell the roses for a piece of music we know, is our enjoyment of it primarily composed of liking the riffs (is a song largely a bundle to set us up for reciept of riffs? Musical tension like cinematic tension..)? The mood?

There are songs that are really cool because of things not closely related to their riffs, like Bohemian Rhapsody, but I think that's almost a different kind of enjoyment experience. Maybe the reason we like an artist is that we know them at some abstraction layer a bit higher than their riffs and can tell that a new song "belongs in that family".

The process of enjoying music is interesting in that its evolutionary purpose and adaptation presumably came from feedback that arose out of noise (X develops musical talent, some portion of EEA-societies randomly appreciate it a bit and this leads to increased inside-species fitness, repeat) instead of something directly useful for survival (although maybe it does in fact have some environmental-survival use that's obscure - common paths with imitating bird calls?)