September 14th, 2009


Tazza d'Oreo, redux

Third trip to Tazza d'Oreo. Thoughts, events:Collapse )

I've been wondering whether the kind of people who do research at an academic institution who focus on finding a neat heuristic given lightly relaxed constraints overlap much with the people who focus on finding an algorithm. Distinct yet is the aim to find heuristics in fields where there are no generally accepted algorithms.

  • Here we present a means to approximate doing X with markedly better performance, if we allow the following $generally_reasonable_thing
  • Here we present a minimal solution to problems of type X
  • Here we present a system to do X
Perhaps the proportion of papers in each is a strong hint as to the maturity of a field?

Twitter is in fact kind of neat, even if it takes a bit of a mental shift. I still don't use it in the normal sense because it makes me more lonely when I see other people invited to things and all, but maybe it's fun to experiment with being Oscar Wilde. It's not hard to hook it into my monitor-the-world application that would offend privacy experts :P Unfortunately, like usenet, Twitter appears to have been discovered by marketing types and botters. My longtime internet handle, 「Improv」, is proving irritating to have there because all these piddly comedy clubs do searches for the term and add every match to friends. It'd probably be a lot more irritating if I used twitter in the regular sense, but still...

I am slightly creeped out by my new camera never needing to be charged. It has been weeks since I got it (I think), and it is still running strong on the initial charge. Perhaps it has learned to do cold fusion.

It appears I am being summoned by the slices of pecan pie here. Maybe I will further have to swing by 「Fuck Yeah Icecream」 on the way home - being less depressed today means actually having appetite! In theory, I am here to sketch.