October 17th, 2009


Struggles with Shadows

Weekend day 2:Collapse )

Recently I've been captivated by the wide political map in politics - trying to define the varying axes (or areas where a number of different frameworks for a topic exist, at least) used in defining a political identity, on the broad scale but more particularly the smaller, factional scale - the 2-sided divide in American politics is ridiculous, I think, masking many interesting differences. To some, it's a conflict of God's word and heathens, to some, urban versus rural values/education, to some the struggle between lassiez-faire, mixed, and socialist economics. Beyond positions, relative importance and degrees of societal focus differ - "Strong markets and weak democracy", "Strong democracy and weak markets", religious values with some nod to pluralism, etc. It would be an interesting task to take the permutations of positions on the key areas of difference, make a multidimensional grid, and name each faction, painting the bits together into something coherent and intelligent. It would be quite involved, particularly if one involves foreign policy...

Two recent articles led me to a nice web of interesting articles/posts:

The second I find quite despicable, it acting to defend a notion of male identity that celebrates being a schmuck. Despicable things can still, however, be interesting.