October 27th, 2009


Reason for the Revolution

Earlier today (or maybe it was yesterday? With the sun being mostly gone, my not seeing other humans very regularly, and erratic sleep and food schedules, it's hard to say), I found this, a wonderful Japanese sketch of a Tetris game breaking the rules to frustrate its player. Collapse )

I've had a migraine Collapse )I've come to the conclusion that the best way to do portable backups of their (maybe I can say "our" again honestly?) terabytes of data would be to get two very small form factor computers running Linux and drop multiple 2T disks in each (surprisingly affordable). This would allow for offsite backup (move the system), selective recovery, and be at quite a low cost. Finding/building an appropriate configuration might take some thinking (power supply and cooling, mainly), but the problem has become much easier, provided we can keep the primary storage from growing beyond that means (a 2T disk can be had for less than $200 right now). Semi-related: I would love to be geeking out over SSDs, but I presently lack the hardware and my geeking out energy is in scarce supply - there are all sorts of projects I'm theoretically interested in but I haven't been in at all the right state of mind to do them.
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(political philosophy that's kind of half-baked switched to private)
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Scrapping my information gathering software - too many sources I used to use require passwords, have become broken, block bots, or have just changed too much to be worth rewriting. Interesting relation model differences:Collapse )

I'm not sure why social software is so interesting.

Unrelated, not for the first time in my life, I am livid about Joe Lieberman. It seems like the health care reform is to be so watered down as to provide little significant change, in order to please people who will likely vote against it anyhow. I also have been working my way through some feminist theory works Collapse )

I wonder what the rate of new music listenitude is for different people - do we prefer a small set of favourite songs with rapid churning of new candidates, or some other permutation of those attributes? Tiers of songs?

I am thinking it would be nice to write an Ubiquity script to make it easier to post to my little bloglets.

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