November 2nd, 2009


Plant a 'gen Net

The programmer side of me is seriously rebelling over this damned stupid code at work. It'd be too simple to say it ruined my weekend (as my weekends are not usually anything more than sleeping 15 hours plus 1-3 repeats of lonely staring at the wall, philosophising, or sketching at some random coffeeshop combined with travel time), but I've been stressed out over it and working on it whenever I can make myself for the whole time. I have decided that I will not leave work today until it is done-ish (which I might chicken out on if it gets to be 11pm). On the upside, it provides more impetus to think about what code and coding should be like - the simple challenge of deriving what exactly is wrong about something that's lousy without becoming crazy-polarised and picking something else because it's an opposite that's probably even worse (in this case, formal software engineering).

Instead, let's talk about canons - not the misspelt kinds that fire nor Pachelbel's work, but in terms of stories. Collapse )