November 3rd, 2009


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Another election, this time I was too busy with work to really study for this test. Fortunately, Squirrel Hill's Town Hall (the JCC, really) reminded me to vote as I passed by it. I voted against Ravenstahl (who got both the Republican and Democratic nomination, the latter in a run-off, wtf) because I very strongly disagree with his handling of the G20, supporting Franco Harris instead - I haven't had time to do a lot of research about him but he seems like a moderate liberal with a decent (albeit not very political) resume. The rest of those running were the regular uninspiring options, some for offices that are not particularly political.

In the judiciary, I largely want judges who understand the Common Law system we have and how the public interest and rule of law work in such a system Collapse )

The shifting weather is proving terribly apt at summoning migraines. Recent flavour of depression has added strong flavours of jealousy and anger. I seem to be angry with a lot of people in ways that when I trace that anger, I can see that it's not for things I should expect them to (treat me better/give me a shot/whatever) but rather need and lack. The realising that their behaviour is reasonable doesn't make the feelings go away.
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Feeling that I deserve this lonely life.

At the Te Café, but about to head home because there's terrible music playing (Avett Brothers's "Love Like the Movies") and a terribly irritating guy talking like a motivational speaker to woo some girl nearby.