December 7th, 2009


The Affection Market

Noticed with cats: Affection, grooming is a trade. Having two, I can see that they do seem to (at times) enjoy each other's company, but when they do affection, it's a roughly even trade. Cat-human affection, by contrast, is assumed. When a cat grooms/kisses another cat, it's expected that in 2-3 minutes, the favour will be returned, while they're very unlikely to reciprocate unless asked by a human (and not for as long). This may be because we don't have fur - maybe it's more tiring or less pleasant to share these things with bare-skinned creatures. I wonder how life differs for hairless cats.

Been thinking more about dream and supposition virtualisation. Collapse )

Recently updated my OLPC to Fedora 11-spin, which automates something I occasionally did manually - reverting to a standard Linux desktop on the thing (replacing sugarwm and various other system components with mainline Fedora11 versions). This makes it much more useful but much less interesting; having the icons to swap between modes is very handy though. Instead of swapping immediately to Windowmaker, I played with GNOME and was impressed at how easy wireless stuff is with the default environment. I may try to figure out how to get that stuff working on my main laptop - right now whenever I want to do wireless, I doCollapse )

Been feeling pretty reclusive recently, occasional dizzy spells. Spent most of the last weekend doing work things - I really wish we didn't have this custom OSImage infrastructure in Emulab; it means if somebody really wants a new image running Fooix, it's a pain in the butt actually getting Fooix into an image (nevermind customising Fooix to work with the Emulab client components, which often requires some involved scriptitude and advanced system wizardry). Meh, I probably wouldn't be doing anything more interesting with my weekend anyhow, and the weather is moving from being unpleasantly cold to inhospitably cold, reminding me again how drafty my apartment is. Sandwich experiment is a success though, to the extent that I may save money by bringing a bagged lunch to work most days. Hmm...

I wonder if the future might involve more symbiotic bacteria than actual genetic and cybernetic manipulation of humans. I imagine it's lower hanging fruit..

It's pretty irritating that the OpenVPN developers have made it so hard to find the opensource version of their software - feels almost the same as how Adobe tends to hide the free Acrobat Reader among all the adverts for the commercial cousins on their site... worse yet because OpenVPN is actually a nice and open piece of software.

Recently did enough research to understand the "climategate" thing - despite my initial impression (that there was some serious misconduct at the institution, but climate change is (obviously) still a real and very dangerous threat to the biosphere), it looks like the most quoted emails only appear conspiratorial because some of the standard language of the field is easy to misunderstand - I would need to do more research yet to be sure, but it looks to me that this is entirely a manufactured controversy fueled by some loud and fast-talking manipulators of the sort that are running the tea party mess. I think it's a sign that America has severely neglected education for far too long that this kind of thing is happening. It may be self-serving, but Collapse )

Probably: Dinner at IG, tea at Té Café. I really should get out of town one of these weekends, maybe to go snowboarding if I can find anyone I know who'd like to come along (and ideally provide transit).


Metaphilosophy as Instinct

Currently enjoying some Pai Mutan, the Court Jester of Teas, while listening to the oddly overrated Ani DiFranco's 「Freakshow」, which dances the line between irritating and cool. Earphones allow me to upgrade to Dar, one of my favourite songs.

A bit more meandering around the stomping grounds of the last entry's main idea:Collapse )

Note: I have always found the British reformed spelling, "judgement", prettier than the pre-reformed/American spelling "judgment".

Also: Just realised that a cherished bit of silliness I've had for a few years is based on a misremembering - I sometime back glued together a moment in Super Mario Brothers (stage 1-2 - the first underground stage) where on can jump up a set of platforms and bump a block so a starman (invincibility item) pops out and bounces forward across that area until the player can make it to an area where a gap in the ceiling lets it fall - I glued that with David Bowie's 「Starman」 (where it's waiting in the sky, it'd like to come and greet us but ...). Bit of a bummer - I just realised that it was in fact a 1-up mushroom on the ceiling, not a starman. A quick google search for super mario 1-2 map confirms it - the starman is earlier in the stage. Oh well. Passing off a secondhand quirky memory here seems a suitable end to that (weird) misconnection.

I kind of wish there more people around here who liked talking about these kinds of things...

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