December 15th, 2009


Animal Tool Use

It's impressive watching animals use tools, particularly animals one does not expect to use tools. (If anyone's visiting after the link is long dead, this is a BBCNews Science blurb about octopi digging out coconut shells and walking(!) awkwardly off with them to use them as homes - it's neat that this made the front page on their site)

Balkan Beat Box - very good music (anyone who likes Firewater or Klezmer music would probably dig it).

Been thinking a bit more about the deficiency of FoxNews as a news organisation, after having seen bits of some other channels. Collapse )

Thinking again about 470 and the WV/PA/OH borders there, it might be interesting to visit Wheeling someday. This area of the country has an interesting set of small towns... (not as interesting as Arkham and surrounding towns in Mass's Miskatonic River-Valley, but few places are)

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Standardisation of K

ssh does SOCKS proxies, which is great if you're at a coffeeshop and don't want your web traffic going untunnelled over their network. Collapse )

I think I've said that before. Recently, I discovered 3proxy, a fairly popular zero-configuration (no futzing with config files) http, ftp, and socks proxy. This is useful for slightly different network challenges, e.g. you're on a private network where you can't directly address the outside world but you have a shell account on a box that can (or alternatively if you want to dodge location-aware network service offerings and have a box in or outside of the relevant countries *cough* BBC *cough*). Collapse )

This is simple enough that it merits the term K-Rad (although given all the years it's been since I used it, I wonder if those darned metric-weenies have gotten around to redefining the K there as being 1000 instead of 1024 like it should be).

A systems geek is a lot like Felix the Cat - with a well-stocked bag of tricks.