December 30th, 2009


Fragments of Pieces of Eight

On the way to the Beehive, I swung by a pizza place caled 「Grotto」 (never eaten there before, was curious). The atmosphere was kinda neat, the employees looked to be cool and friendly guys, etc. Unfortunately, the pizzas were bad. The plain pizza slice I got was both not particularly interesting and overrich, leaving me feeling ill for a bit. It was also absurdly large. The rolled pizza was much worse, qualifying as nasty. Oh well. I rather wanted to like the place.

Maybe I'll go a bit more into detail of how I interpret economics, mentioned in my last post. Collapse )

Ugh. Disgust. The nasty pizza has made my hands smell foul, and it has proven difficult to wash out. Yuck! I suppose it's still worth trying someplace new every so often.

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