January 20th, 2010



Prompted by watching my cats snuggling, I wonder if they would actually be buddies were I to have dozens of cats - is their closeness just because apart from me, they have no options for company? Perhaps they would have a different best friend were they to have more options. It's the same way with friends, acquantences, and romantic partners - one could always imagine a much larger world that had someone better than the one one has chosen, but circumstances conspire to give one those one has. This inspires discomfort, and is rarely spoken aloud, probably because just as we would like to imagine we're special in the universe, we like to imagine that our relationships (being central to a happy life) are just as special, and it feels disrespectful to visit too bluntly the idea that were one to have met someone better-matched, the building of memories and tightening of life-orbits to make one's actual relationship awesome would not have happened. To hide this potential further, the religious have the option to say that their god(s) have willed the relationship (perhaps those old enough to have a divorce no longer are prone to such fluffy ideas - the divorcee seeking romance is like many atheists, less prone to feelings of invented levels of deep significance, even if they hope for (what I think relationship ideal should be) an intimate, hopefully lifelong life-partner. So long as we have the energy to seek them out, the connections we make are shaped by what connections are available. A bit more broadly, practically all of our life is fragile like this - feelings of destiny are a way to cope with the terror this brings - to paint a story over the terror of a universe that does not care,

In each of my three romantic relationships, Collapse )

Amusement: Tortfeasor (larger cat) has seen me put my hat on, and so he's anxious and attentive because he knows I'm about to leave. Pets are a kind of guaranteed (but limited) friend, an artificial form of the natural processes above.

"It's better to have loved and to have lost, than to listen to an album by Olivia Newton-John" -- Red Dwarf

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Device Singularity

What barriers are there (either technological or infrastructure) that prevent all the devices you use in a regular day from converging into a single device? How did this differ from 10 years ago? How much stuff do you own that would be replaced by such a convergence? What is the relationship between such broad economic transitions and our economic problems? If we want to keep reasonably similar levels of lack-of-central-control, how might we (legislatively, otherwise) shape the transition to preserve it? Do the technology changes make the current form of that lack of control sustainable post-transition?

As for me, I would be very happy to get rid of all my DVDs and books if I had open, digitised and annotatable versions of all the content in each, without DRM. It would free up considerable space in my apartment.

Not closely related, it'd be really interesting to see people stand up en masse for ethical structures Collapse )