February 23rd, 2010


Correcting Won Swept Shores

Yesterday: After work wandered around a bit in Schenley Park while trying to figure out a place I haven't eaten at a million times recently, decided on Indian Place on Craig (where I at at very often when I first came to Pgh and then decided their food quality was poor). It turns out that either their food has gotten good again or their Aloo Gobi was always good - tasty meal. Settled for tea at Kiva Channukah, where I found that recent sketch scans had been badly misdone.

Today: After work spent quality time learning how to make the art lab's scanner not crop my images (I didn't realise that my sketch pad has a weird paper size, which turned out to be the biggest issue). On the way away from campus spotted an offensively stupid poster posted by the local socialist equality party folk. Being posted without permission, taking it down is kosher, so I did - it can join my collection of propoganda. Never undestimate the power of loud people who aim more for confirmation of their theory and emotional resonance to stifle careful, intelligent versions of the movement who might actually accomplish something. I think in general the ideal place people should be, intellectually, is in an idealism that's been sufficiently bombed by reality - neither ignoring values nor ignoring facts is appropriate, and having a perspective that uses each appropriate is crucial. ... Also have had a low-grade migraine all day..

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