February 27th, 2010


Chill Tiredness

The 10:00 of a life..

Just had a rather nice dinner at Paris 666, my first time there. Weekends are slightly more lonely than weeks - chance of bumping into anyone I know or having a conversation drops from 5% to maybe 2%. Still, this was a rather nice dinner. What I had:Collapse )

Now at the Shadyside Crazy Goat, where there is sad, mellow music playing, kind of like if Vienna Teng and Jamiroquai both got completely stoned and thought about making some music but never really comitted to it. Maybe I'll stay here and daydream/sketch until this part of the twilight fades.

I've been daydreaming about what kinds of biological mechanisms would allow a theoretical organism to maintain a colony of cells of its ancestors in a pocket in itself.. Collapse )

I look around the Crazy Goat, everyone but me is in pairs or triplets - a pair of old men who look to be a bit mentally off, students studying things, someone reading classifieds. It seems that friendships are things to watch.. I see a girl playing with a guy's crazy flip of hair, strange how the years have gone by.

I rather like the goofy lights and random wall colours here - with the high ceilings, it reminds me of my favourite apartment back in Columbus (I've never made another place I've lived "my own" as much as I did that place - virtually every light had a different colour, there were cat5 cables wound up the walls and draped from the overhang part, yarn and other cables, etc etc. I miss it.)

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