March 4th, 2010


Correcting the Stork

Shipping madness (potentially dull):Collapse )

Finished: Libson's book on Jewish and Islamic LawCollapse )

Did more backstory for the webcomic-that-might-never-be-born - it's surprisingly enjoyable filling out details of a fictional university - a bit of research to find a suitable founder and tweaks to their history (in this case, I had Royal Governor Thomas Gage return to Mass with some of his family after the American Revolution and had him live a bit longer, long enough to found a University, bankrolled by one of his sons and some other financial schemes).Collapse )

Earlier this week I managed to drag myself to a PittCFI meeting (first time) - it was a private meeting in some guy's apartment, and I think everyone there was at least 10-20 years older than me.. but it was pretty decent - a topic, a discussion group, all among very bright, well-read, culturally engaged people (yes, there was some informal singing of Tom Lehrer songs, discussion of films, etc). It happened at a high point in my social ok-ness, but if the stars align I might go back the next time they meet. Apparently there's this whole community I somehow never noticed during the many years I've been here.

With the turning of seasons,Collapse )

Finally, a statement of a position on animal testing:Collapse )

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SSD Plans

Likely uninteresting to anyone but major geeks who have been lax about learning about SSDs:Collapse )

Dinner, possible teahousitude, and then this geekery.... I guess it's at least a little different than my normal evening. The cats will probably be happy with even more time spent at home. :P