March 5th, 2010


SSD and F13

More unix/computer geekery - the results of the upgrade:Collapse )

Many years ago my mum gave me some nice (expensive) drawing things, which like many non-clothes things I promptly packed into a box and forgot about. I recently found some while cleaning my apartment; it's kind of goofy to discover things that've become useful in ones own long-term storage.

It turns out imagining (and sketching) younger versions of someone is very difficult - making it recognisably them but also recognisably younger is an exercise in brinksmanship and imagination.

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Niggling Disasters

Forgot to backup my mysql databases - lost all the work I did fleshing out the background for the webcomic... except that I oddly seem to remember most of the details. I'm also spending quality time grepping the raw device for the old HD (now in its enclosure) - I've repartitioned and put some new data onto it, but at least "grep" has found some relevant keywords that were only on the wiki, so perhaps with a bit of coaxing I can get the relevant pages back. On the upside, MediaWiki supports Postgres too now, so eventually I can look into ditching Mysql entirely on my laptop (w00t. I loathe MySQL).

I also found that my laptop exposes its brightness controls in /proc/acpi/video/VGA/LCD/brightness, so I can finally crank it up to something pleasant to read. Also, FC13 has Perl6, which .. would be great if the Perl Foundation would declare it done, publish the spec, and promote the hell out of it. Incompetent management of the rewrite has pretty much killed Perl though, and I don't expect them to develop a clue on that point anytime soon. Yeah, it's great to have a formal spec for the language, and the new design for Perl6 address a lot of the problems Perl has, but they've really managed to drop the ball in virtually every other way. Oh well, it's nice to finally have a "perl6" command even if it's not really released yet.

This promises to be another quiet weekend. I probably should've made plans to do something with someone, but that goes back into the wonderful circular thinking. I guess there are some cities I could visit despite not knowing anyone to visit, and .. there's ColumbusOhio too. Still... sigh. So much crap in my head and emptiness in my life. Upside: I have carrots, and the weirder of my two cats just stole one from the bag and will probably be eating it for the next hour or two.

Sciency people might find Stanfnord's The Energy Challenge and the Case for Fusion to be interesting.

I have come to think of base-10-unlimited plus a base60-pair as "microwave numbers". I wonder if there's a better term. Origin: when we type in 420 into a microwave, we mean 4 minutes 20 seconds, not 4.2 minutes nor 420 seconds. It's most interesting I think when the marker is removed.

I've been thinking about whether it's worthwhile trying to provide regular content on my Youtube channel, but it's puzzling what one might reasonably provide.

I sometimes wonder, when I hear people with neat ideas, when they stop talking about them if they've forgotten or shelved them - I tend to remember other people's ideas better than my own because I don't talk to people that often (and maybe they just have genuinely better ideas on average? I dunno). It seems like we all leave behind us a graveyard of good ideas... at least, the people who are in the habit of creative thought. I wonder what kind of social assistance technologies might help churn such ideas without relying on the relatively high attention that talklike interaction requires.

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