March 11th, 2010


Unfair as a Judge

More futurist daydreams:Collapse )

Not exactly on that note, while looking around the bus on the way home, I wondered again about face perception - that people notice the subtle differences better for the human races they see most often (sheltered people think all Chinese look the same). Collapse )

Finally, amused to think at all the books I actually have on my laptop that I've been slack at reading, yet I still insist that I'd love to have every book I own in a good PDF (non-DRM) format (ideally annotatable too) so I wouldn't ever need to lug books around again. Collapse )

I'm kind of bothered by Pink Floyd being fussy about trying to define an appropriate context for their music to be heard. It's not that I particularly care for EMI, but cultural content, in my view, is like a child - once you release it into the world, it will do its own thing and the artist's wishes no longer matter. We'll listen to music in any order we like, in whatever context we like, we'll remix it, we'll edit intros out, we'll make covers, we'll share it with our friends, just like any bit of culture. The proprietary attitude PF has has no place.

Nice weather: pleasant weight loss as good-looking fruits become available and replace sweets

EFF on export rule reform as a mechanism that also affects rates of societal change - just so.