March 12th, 2010


A Deftly Stilting Planet

Spent most of the last 2 days working on a poster for next week's conference. My poor design skills are confirmed, although maybe I'm learning to improve them. Inkscape: good enough to be frustrating that it's not better.

Té Café is closing at the end of the month. Collapse )

Recently have been thinking of Chomsky's claims in 「Manufacturing Consent」 - I'm not as skeptical of traditional news media (read: 50s-mid-80s) as Chomsky is of modern news media - wondering how far back his claims go (I read a borrowed copy of the book years ago, and don't quite remember). Is having multiple news sources more of a guard against corruption, to allow different ideologies to drive people to investigate different things, or for other reasons? I believe plurality of reasonably independent news sources to be a good thing in any society (socialist, capitalist, other), but I'm not sure I have the full details of the "why"s down yet. I mistrust Chomsky as much as I do Orthodox Marxists, but he's still worth reading (as much as Žižek, Marx, Bakunin, Kerensky, and many others).

Also, I've been pondering the appropriate role for scientists in the public debates over certain truth claims. It's a complicated issue - Collapse )

At some point, I'm looking forward to playing with OpenSimulator, an opensource server for SecondLife.

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