March 13th, 2010


Wilting Fingers, Inverted Trees

Woke up, again had strong urges to be around people and had to tell myself that that this is like every other day. Moseyed over to Paris666 to have a delicious lunch, but neglected to remember they have a gap between lunch and dinner. There's a Mad Scientist Cupcake next door (or something else that has some odd name -- Cupcake Mechanic? Food Laboratory?) that I went to instead that had the most amazing cupcake frosting Collapse )

The rain has taken away the remnants of snow. This morning I discovered a part of the property I'm renting that I never spotted before. As I turned to head out for today's adventures, one of the frum kids from the shared backyard stared at me from the window - maybe appropriate, as I wondered if a much younger version of myself would've explored the place I'm renting more throughly. As nice as it can be to have adventures of the mind, it seems I've given up a lot on the wandering around playfully things I remember (apart from the occasional "going on a long walk" thing, where I'm hardly occupying my body anyhow).

Recently I've tried (and failed, badly) to fulfill my dream of a collection of erotic poetry written in leetspeak (really, more the older, original dialect that I'm familiar with based on having been part of BBS and early hacker culture), but I did manage some rather silly, geeky poems based on the Hayes modem commands. This confirms that for all my other interests, I remain a computer geek. (p.s. anyone who has successfully written erotic poetry in leetspeak (with ideally the old hacker sense of humour - no sense in just translating existing stuff), please share with the world).

Again been wandering, were I to want to, how might I best get the old files (RIPScrip and other content) that comprised my BBS off of their floppies and into some easily presentable form. A much younger me promised himself that once I finished with university, I'd restore the BBS somewhere - technology clearly has moved on, but it might be cute to at least get the content back in some form.

(Supplemental: I never thought to consider Free-Nets as being the American counterpart to France's Minitel before - just randomly made the connection. Also, if I were still contributing to Wikipedia (and felt comfortable relying on my own memories rather than using sourced material), there's a whole lot of stuff I could write about BBS culture and history as well as 80s/90s hacker culture - it seems the current articles are woefully inadequate on a lot of areas. Oh well..)

On the other side of the aisle in T'd'O, a couple is making out a bit more openly than they probably should in public - I think I once might've known the girl, or someone who looks like her. She has an attractive face, but is a bit fatter than I'd like, but I still envy them. A bit uncomfortable, after a few hours of sketching and thinking, maybe I'm ready to go back to Paris666, which should be open for dinner now, I think. It's one of the few worthwhile places in town I know of where I haven't yet memorised what their food tastes like, a place with no memories of other times, people.

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