March 19th, 2010


The Society for Excessive Awesomeness

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Discovering that carrying my gameboy around is a sure way to be even less present-in-the-world than I already am. I apparently lack the self-discipline to use it sanely.

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Oh how wonderful greasemonkey is to make using Google Search nicer. No adverts, but also the ability to decide "I don't ever want to see this bloody site again in my results". Searchwiki doesn't hold a candle to that (best you can do is remove a particular result from a specific search). Maybe in theory if enough people decide that site sucks through searchwiki it'll affect pagerank, but in the meantime they have to wade through garbage sites (specific example: look for the lyrics to a song - some sites do SEO tricks to become the top link for all lyrics searches even if they lack the particular lyrics you want, and many of them are so ad-laden (even for people like me who have a lot of software installed that tries very hard to make sure I never see an advertisement anywhere, text, flash, or anything else) or otherwise horrid that reasonable people would never want to visit). GreasemonkeyのGoogle Noise Reduction is your friend.

Been thinking about how to nicely API-ise the web, were we to have the chance to do it over again and knew that unless we badly screwed up we'd have it as big as we do, along with how Google Gears and other apps tried to do this the polite way and how Greasemonkey does it the rude/brute-force/fragile way. Was gopher culturally better than the web on this front? We probably don't live in the best of all possible worlds (haha), but what paths might've led us to something better (for some reasonable-if-muddy notion of better)?

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Have since withdrawn to Kiva Channukah until I'm hungry enough for some kind of dinner.

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