March 23rd, 2010



Recently got an automated email from Wikipedia asking me to login and reset my password (being an inactive person with a privileged account). I'm not really considering going back (I don't think they ever figured out the advertising thing, Erik Möller is still involved with the project, and I don't really need the stress). Kinda sad to see that most of the people I knew also have left, although maybe not unexpected. It has been 3 years since I moved on...

Chavezのmedia treatment: very worrying. Recently also relevant: Trotskyite response to the health care bill.. and some general thoughts on its passage and specifics..Collapse )

Just learned about the "fieldset" tag in HTML - there seems to be a lot of argument in the markup community between using it and DIVs.

If you're in the mood for some (bad) philosophy, Sam Harris argues that science can lead one to moral conclusions. His arguments are poor and fall apart with just mild prodding (IMO), but it's kind of a cute idea.

Life continues to be frustrating and lonely. Yay. This mention included for the sake of people playing a drinking game. :P